Rachel Irving

Yeah... No it’s not like that. Honestly, for real, the idea hadn’t even begun to cross my mind.

But it has now, hasn’t it?

Well whose fault is that? I’d never even heard of this Scha hairy whatsit chick. Listen, do you want to hear my story or not?

Go on then.

There was once a girl who went on a train trip. At the station before her departure she bought herself a bag of her favorite cookies.

I know this story.

No you don’t, you can’t know it, because it’s the first time this story has ever been told.

OK carry on then, but I bet I know it.

She sat down on the train at one of those seats with a shared table, and she started to eat her cookies.

I do know this story.

You can’t.

I do.

Go on then "little miss I know all the stories", tell me what happens.

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