Rachel Irving

Wait! Wait! Wait just a moment. Only a fool would jump in and eat me without considering all the other options.

Okaaaay. Tell me please, I’m curious, really are there options other than eating you?

Sure options, of course, yes there are always options. A bright girl like you, probably very artistic. You have artistic hair you know, a smart cookie can tell a lot from a girl’s hair.

Oh Puhlease, you’re trying compliments now?

As I was saying, an artistic girl such as yourself shouldn’t waste the opportunity to paint, or draw, or even sculpt “Still Life with Chocolate Chip Cookie”.


Yes I can see it now, “A Cookie Through the Ages; a visual study of form and slow, slow natural decay, symbolizing both the ephemeral nature of all things confectionary and the underlying political significance of humanity's relationship with baked goods.” Whaddya think?

I think I’ve heard enough.

No! No, no, let me tell you a story. You like to listen to stories don’t you?

Not as much as I like eating cookies

Heh! Funny girl, so, so funny. Alrighty then, this is a story about a cookie.

Wait just a minute is this going to be one of those tricky Scheherazade deals?


Meaning like, you know how the Sultan was going to chop off Scheherazade’s head only she asked if she could tell her sister a story first, and then like, she told her story and the Sultan was all “Excellent story Scha-Scha, why don’t you hang around another night and tell another.” So on and so on, her head was never cut off, because the Sultan guy fell in lurve with her and her stories.

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