Phoenix Coverley

I know when I was a kid I was teased and bullied by at least 2 boys. I was a girl then. I got teased because I was tall because I was hairy, because I had size 12 shoes. I told my dad about the bullying and he told me to stand up for myself and that if I did hit the kid that I was supposed to go to the school office and report what I had done and to have them call my dad. My dad told me he would back me up all the way. Finally one day when the bully Abraham pushed me up against the locker, I had had enough and I fought back and shoved him back into the lockers harder then he had shoved me and I punched him. I called my dad immediately and he came to the school and backed me up. Nothing happened to me as a result of hitting Abraham because it was self-defense. Abraham was surprised and after that he never bothered me again.

There is some truth about standing up for yourself but nowadays when kids carry weapons, guns, sometimes it is better to call the police and have the school handle things. Times have changed and as such the measures parents take also need to change.

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