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Aerosmith has this great old song from the late seventies called Walk This Way which I, for some reason, always liked (yah, yah, I know, I know) seesaw swingin' with the boys in the school and your feet flyin' up in the air singin' "hey diddle diddle" with your kitty in the middle of the swing like you didn't care ... walk this way, walk this way My first idea for a weekend project was legs but that was too ambiguous - so we have legs in motion. They don't need to be walking ... they can be running, stretching, jumping, kicking, pulling on a stocking or otherwise engaged ... (the Utata nudity rule in full effect so careful how MUCH leg, eh?) Here's the goal: Show us the characater of the person, the atmosphere of the moment, the implied or intended or already accomplished motion. Show us the grace and the strength and the chubby cuteness - show us the bipeds in action. Guidelines As little of the rest of the body as possible should be shown in the image - the creative challenge is to show us the animation and motion, the gestaltness (so to speak) of the moment or the subject using only the legs and/or feet. Animals have legs, too and are good for the project.
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