In Ashigara
On that hill
Beneath the clouds at night
I did give voice
To the secret thought within my heart.
(Man'yoshu—The Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves)

When darkness falls, it's as if the physical world itself shifts—as if it subtly transforms itself into a slightly different version of itself. What was obvious becomes obscure; what was clear becomes deceptive. Reality becomes a bit loose, and in that relaxed materiality anything is possible.

The landscape of night is the landscape of secrets. It's a terrain full of half-hidden truths and concealed wishes, a topography in which what is unseen is at least as important as what's visible. When you look at these photographs, be aware of what you cannot see.

Lisa G

jamelah e.

Mark Menzies


Carol Schiraldi

Greg Fallis

Kathy Van Torne

Marlene S.

Stephanie Fysh

Jenny Spadafora

Beckett Gladney

Maureen Bond

Jeff Stewart

John Baucher

Joan Hill

Kimm Still

Sonja~ Rolton

Christian Davis

Seldon Scott

Joe Andrews


Gwen E. Sprague

Phillip Chee

Len Gatey

jody miller

Amelia White

Nancy Ward

Linda Plaisted

Erik Curran

Anita Scharf

Karen Christine Hibbard

Sam Turner

Nick Oprea