A part of my submission to this summer's Utata Big Project, "Homage". The subject of this homage being William Eggleston.
In the end I'm not sure I 'caught' Eggleston at all. Perhaps I copied him, at least the superficial aspects of his photography, but did I ever get under his skin? It might be because of his "Democratic Camera" that I might just be the person least able to judge that. I'm more than happy to leave any judgement to the "Democratic Viewer". And I'm more than happy if that judgement is negative. Like the other 2 photographers I tackled in this project the Eggleston homage was fun. But he offered a very different challenge to the others, one I've found difficult to express. Any success or failure in 'catching' Eggleston pales against what I've gained from trying. I've enjoyed the challenge enormously and I don't think I'm done with William Eggleston yet.