Commute 1

This set follows my regular commute home from work, from Manchester to Morecambe. I've made this journey 3 or 4 times a week for a little over 11 years, something like 2.000 times. And that is a very scary thought.

The first major intersection I come to is at Besses o' th' Barn, which I like for it's vernacular spelling, it's empty promise of a barn (with or without the Besses), it's famous brass band and the Crumpsall sign you can see. I'm told it's the only road sign to Crumpsall in Manchester, which makes it extra special as I was born there, in Manchester's secret jewel. That makes me a Mancunian, for better or worse.

But today I'm heading for Prestwich and the M60 ring road. It's a long way home so I'll play some music for the trip which, like the photos, will come courtesy of my smartphone (well, via youtube for you). The first song is from a local band. Mark E. Smith, of The Fall, lives in Prestwich. He claims to be a Mancunian but wiki says he was born in Broughton, in the city of Salford. It's only spiiting distance from Crumpsall, in the city of Manchester, but there's a world of difference. Honestly!

Big New Prinz- The Fall