Thursday Walk 271

I'm being presumptious starting this thread, as it's been a very long time since I did a Thursday Walk. Today was a coincidence. Only as I was setting out with my new phone camera, I realised it was Thursday. I went to a park which I thought had potential. I was using Hipstamatic for the first time, and I'd decided to 'shoot a whole roll' in a single lens/film/flash combination (Holga Viking/Float/RedEye Gel in case you're interested). This turned out ok except for one shot, where I apparently shook the camera whereupon Hipstamatic randomised the look. I'm really excited by the phone camera adventure and I have oodles of photo apps. What was really pleasing about today was that I found it no strain at all on my wonky hands to take pictures with this thing - YAAAY. The same principles of composition apply as on any camera, I can be creative with the processing (Hipstamatic alone seems to have thousands of combinations) and it's terrific fun. These days, there's very few photos I want to print. Mostly I'm happy for them to be on my computer and online. So my Thursday Walk was - well, smile-inducing. - curlsdiva
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