Utata in Abstract

This weekend we're diving into the deep end of the art pool. We're going to go swimming in the strange and seductive waters of abstract photography. But before we do, we should answer the obvious question. What IS abstract photography? It's difficult to define "abstract" because...well, it's abstract. But for the purpose of this project, we're talking about images that are interpretive rather than accurate records of reality. We're talking about images that are in some ways divorced from the subject of the photograph, in which the subject is reduced to simple forms and shapes and patterns and colors. Abstract photography forces the viewer to see ordinary things from new...and often confusing...perspectives. As a simple rule of thumb, if you can immediately recognize what the photograph is of then it's probably not abstract enough. You can take a picture of a tree, or a bicycle, or a bottle...but it needs to depict that tree/bike/bottle in a way that the viewer is seeing the FORM and not just the object. . So everybody get out your camera, get ready, and get abstract.
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