Dreams I Might Have Had


The field behind our farm glistened in the morning light. The light reflected from the dewdrops was especially beautiful this morning I thought. It was as though thousands of diamonds where scattered all over the field. It was chaff, the Tommies called it window heaven knows why, dropped from the R.A.F airplanes, possibly 76 squadron, during the night. I woke up from their noise during the night and could here the soft tingling from the aluminium strips as they twirled through the sky. The Jerries would have had a hard time detecting anything on their radar last night. Serves them right !
Later on I saw a peculiar nest from a Golden oriole high up in a tree ; the oriole had used some of the shiny, multicolored aluminium strips to weave his nest. Dad found it such a find he had taken the nest down and given it to our vet as a curiosum to be gazed upon in admiration.