Dreams I Might Have Had

The Curse of 'Green Gills' Garson

It's been a long winter, hard and cold. Acquiring fresh water and supplies is increasingly difficult and I tire of this life of piracy that has been forced upon me. If only my victims knew my curse. I only ever take what I need and spare them their lives. Surely that must prove I’m not a bad man.

Tonight I managed to find a quiet cove for the night. With the 'Mellon Runner' anchored and a belly full of sardines and rum, I hunker under an old sack cloth and close my eyes. The whining and creaking noises of the boat that used to torment me are all too familiar now. Like a twisted lullaby they send me to sleep...

As with all my dreams, this one starts as a nightmare. I'm reminded of the curse that keeps me at sea, the curse of Captain 'Green Gills' Garson; the most feared pirate in our times. I wish I could forget that awful night where I lost everything that was dear to me, but his glowing skeletal face still haunts my dreams and hosts my nightmares.